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Freelance Writer Бывший сотрудник - Chandler, AZ - 2 декабря I often have to deal with false accusations and shady behavior from this company. I started off as a 3 star writer and eventually became a 4 star writer. I have never had any rejections, but i текстброкер отзывы с 2019 года had revision requests.

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The ones that were reasonable, I took a risk and did them. However, there is a major issue that shows shadiness on their part.

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As time went on, I started getting strange revision requests for using phrases and words that appear in every single article ever written. Also, the forum is full of authors that have experiences of getting cheated by the clients that Textbroker accepts I even have screenshots.

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Take the article and use it on their sites, then request a revision on the article. In some cases, the author has revised the article only to have it sent back with the notification that it is a copied article.

From what I heard, Textbroker sides with the clients that even do that kind of shady behavior. Also, from what I hear, the rating system is rather arbitrary in that your star level depends partly on whether the editor that reviews your article happens to like the article which may or may not be the case.

текстброкер отзывы с 2019 года

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